She Does Double Duty While Husband Films Her Booty 
Wednesday, October 14, 2020, 01:06 PM - Cuckold
Posted by Administrator

Paisley Porter has put her foot down. Her Husband Epic has promised her an open relationship for years but always there is some excuse.

So Paisley found herself a sleazy attorney who promised her an iron clad Cuckold Contract.

Left with no option, Eric signs on the dotted line and off they go back home and for her sexual needs to be met.

When they get home they find the two Big studly men she made a date with. So she dismisses her husband to the corner with a camera to record her adventure. Paisley has set goals for herself but, she is still new to Anal and wants this to be memorable for her first DP ever.

After opening up her tender ass for a minute or two the men are quick to show her what it is to take two cocks at the same time, and finish the evening off with a sloppy anal creampie.

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Nymphomaniac Ember Will Show You How To Get Maximum Cleaning Done In Minimum Time! 
Monday, October 12, 2020, 09:50 AM - Interracial
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Prince needs to hire a new maid for his house so he calls a service and they send over a maid. He tells her the things she needs and shows her all his cleaning supplies and gives her his maid uniform he supplies.

She tries it on and shows it to him (it's frumpy), and says this actually isn't the right size and that she has a better one to wear for him when she's cleaning.

He says OK lets see what she has. She puts it on (it's super slutty, shows off her jeweled butt plug as well) and proceeds to do some cleaning.

She tries to distract him from his office work and when he sees that she's wearing the outfit and the butt plug, Then he says he has something in his pants that needs a good cleaning.

He gets a great BJ, followed by hot crazy anal sex, with ATM. After the doing her good he says "You're hired! Make sure you show up every week from now on!"

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Sometimes A Girl Needs Some Big Black Cock For Desert! 
Friday, October 9, 2020, 07:22 AM - Interracial
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We find Kayley in her room fondly writing in her diary about her latest scandalous adventure. She shares just how she let go of her inhibitions and sought out the Big Dick she desperately needs.

While out at dinner treating herself she became aware of a couple of seriously muscled men staring her down. She is a Girl with needs and those needs brought her over to speak with these Big Men.

Inviting them back home she finds them to be Big everywhere that's important to a Girl like her.

She gets right down to fucking these men and taking every inch they have to give in so many positions that she lost count. She is rewarded with so much cum she is covered from head to tit and then some.

Sometimes a Girl just has to treat herself.

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She's Lost Her Boyfriend and Dad Wants To Help Her Out! 
Wednesday, October 7, 2020, 05:17 PM - Interracial
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Gwen has been pouting over her loser BF who is in Jail and her Dad Vinnie has had enough of it.

Perverted Pops brought home just the right kind of Big Men he would like to see with his Daughter. Rico is employee of the Month and Jason is up for promotion and Vinnie has let them know they better take care of his daughter well and get her to stop thinking about her Loser BF by any means necessary.

They get the hint and Rico let's her know right off that he is really that Bad boy she really likes and has the huge cock to prove it, Then once Jason starts to spread her ass open wide with his giant cock she has long forgotten anything but her need to cum.

Her Daddy keeps watching and letting the guys know their jobs depend on their performance all the way to the loads shooting on her pretty face.

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Lay Witness To A Fuckable Big Tit Blonde Getting Trained, Filled And Put Away Wet By An Extra Black Cock 
Tuesday, October 6, 2020, 04:49 PM - Interracial
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Kayla has really been trying to get back into shape after being home bound during the pandemic so she's quite excited to have a trainer in her life. But this trainer was more than she expected.

Big, muscled, handsome, chiseled and dark he is a fantasy come to life. There is no way she is not getting some of this dick!

Like any self respecting slutty big titted blonde what else is she going to do but grab his cock and see if it works... and Boy does it ever work.

Soon enough she has the largest cock she has ever seen in her life right in front of her face to gulp down and slobber on.

Jax fucks the hell out of this moaning slobbery love muffin all over the gym as she cums so hard she is begging for that dick in her ass. Which she promptly gets.

Balls deep and slamming, Jax impales her sphincter like a man possessed and rewards the sexy little titter with a blasting of baby batter all over her face. Now that's the way to get back into fucking shape!

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