Rookie Cop Rodriguez's Field Training Turns Into A Lineup Of Big Black Cocks! 
Monday, October 26, 2020, 10:14 AM - Interracial
Posted by Administrator

Rookie Cop Rodriguez is in her second week of field training. She and her partner, Holmes, get a call to investigate a large house where a couple of known felons have taken up business. She braces herself for the worst.

When their radios don’t work, Rodriguez goes out to the car to call for more back up only to find her car is no longer outside. Pissed, she leaves to go check the garage before reporting to her partner that she’s lost their car and She finds it parked in the garage.

A bunch of guys stole it and she catches them red handed. So she checks their pants for the keys and feels their Monster Black Cocks in the process.

Immediately she arranges a line up and goes down the row, making sure each Big Black Cock is handled very carefully and swallows every drop given to her.

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A Pole To Dance On And Big Black Cocks. What More Could A Stripper Want? 
Friday, October 23, 2020, 04:16 PM - Interracial
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Skylar is a stripper who gets an opportunity for a private dance for some serious ballers who have specifically requested her. Obviously her reputation at the club has spread.

Showing up she finds herself in front of three handsome men with piles of cash and a hunger for pussy. Drinks and money are flowing as she shakes her ass around the stripper pole. She dances and puts on a show and soon finds herself sharing the stage with three very horny men with huge cocks.

One after another they fuck her pussy and slide massive dick into her hungry mouth. They shoot their wads on her face and put her away well fucked and wet!

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This Carpet Cleaner Chick Cleans Black Cock Too! 
Wednesday, October 21, 2020, 05:13 PM - Interracial
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Alex is a door to door carpet machine salesperson. She knocks on Rich Gentleman Prince Yahshua's door and tells him she's got the deal of a lifetime for him that he can't refuse... The world's Best Carpet Cleaning Machine! She asks "Wouldn't you like to see how it works?"

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When Having The Hots For Your Teacher Turns Into Worshiping Big Black Cock  
Sunday, October 18, 2020, 09:34 AM - Interracial
Posted by Administrator

It's almost graduation time and Kyler has been having to make up some extra credit hours after school under the guidance of the campus football coach.

All alone and feeling extra horny, Kyler has had her eye on this older man for a while. Damn is he fine, she thinks. Figuring it's now or never and graduation is coming, so if she is ever going to score that cock, it's now.

Walking up to the desk, she straight up asks him if he would go out with her and when he explains he can't because of the student teacher relationship, she pushes the case. She pushes it right into her mouth with her hand on his cock.

Soon she finds herself bent over the desk and taking the largest cock she ever knew existed deep inside her. It's Literally splitting her in two and she is writhing in pure Ecstasy as her entire body is filled with his Monster man root.

Jax pulverizes that teen pussy into a sweaty mess and bathes Kyler in a huge dollop of man juice. Wow, what a way to end high school!

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A Happy Ending Story Where The Daughter, The Dad And The Big Black Cocks Are All Winners! 
Friday, October 16, 2020, 03:21 PM - Interracial
Posted by Administrator

The lovely Bella Rolland comes home from College to find her Daddy in trouble yet again with the Loan Sharks for his Gambling.

Being the loving daughter that she is, she pleads with the Big Black Men not to hurt her poor Daddy and pleads with them offering them whatever they want. While pleading and grabbing, Bella finds something very Big and starts to think this just might be fun to get Daddy out of trouble.

She leads these big men into the other room and takes them both on and loving every minute of it.

Daddy comes to check on her and finds his little girl in ecstasy. Shockingly, The bastard has the nerve to ask for a new point spread once the Black loads are on her face!

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